Billy Solitario

Billy Solitario finds beauty among the sand dunes, coastal savannas, and barrier islands along the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast. Solitario was born March 19, 1972, in Manhattan Beach, California, where his father worked on the Apollo space program. While he was still a child, the family moved to Gautier, Mississippi, near Ocean Springs. There he spent his childhood enjoying the sea, beaches, open skies, and all the Gulf Coast had to offer a young boy.

After graduating in 1994 from the University of South Florida in Tampa with a Bachelor of Arts, Solitario moved to New Orleans and worked a brief time for an advertising firm. From 1995 to 1998, he studied painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art. In 2005, he began teaching landscape and portrait painting at the Academy. In 2003, Solitario received a Master of Fine Arts from Tulane University in New Orleans, where he taught beginner’s drawing and painting from 2001 to 2003.

Solitario, who refers to himself as a “classic realist”, explores various subjects, including landscapes, portraits and still life paintings. As a landscape painter, Solitario says he is most inspired by cumulonimbus clouds and the Mississippi River. He emphasizes the magnitude of the sky and clouds above small slivers of land below. Billy Solitario’s still life works honor the rainbow of colors found in the crabs, oysters, and crawfish native to the Gulf Coast. Billy paints with a “wet on wet” technique and uses value to bring his signature depth to the pieces.

Billy Solitario can be found working on site or at his Magazine St. studio in New Orleans. You can view his other works at and we can get them sans shipping charges for you at our gallery.

BJ Holbert

Brian (BJ) Holbert finds his inspiration around St. Augustine, especially from the wild life in the area. Brian was born in New Orleans LA in 1972 and grew up in Gautier MS on the Mississippi sound. While he has always loved art when he went to college he left it behind only to become a cartoonist for a local paper in Mobile AL for the past 20 years. He moved to St. Augustine in 2011 and purchased a home in Colee Cove before moving to Butler Beach in 2022. About 5 years ago he took up painting on his pontoon boat in Colee Cove. All his painting are currently done outside in the sun where he finds his inspiration. Without any real formal training since his childhood Brian has simply developed his style over time and practice. He mostly works in Acrylic when outside but has recently begun to dabble in oil.

Judy Holbert

Native Floridian Artist
Born and Raised in Jacksonville

(year: a bit too far back to reveal, but let’s just say the 40’s was not so bad)

A native Floridian. Born and raised in Jacksonville, graduated from Bishop Kenny High School. Following my mother’s artistic passion, I found my art skills a bit later in life after raising 5 children. They kept me busy and entertained. While a Floridian, both my parents were Italian and instilled a love for the simple things in life along with a hard work ethic. Pencils, pastels, watercolors, acrylic, metal relief, I truly love it all. Sometimes I’m inspired by interesting seashells from the beach or a beautiful piece of driftwood. Although I no longer live in Florida, as I moved with my husband to the Gulf Coast, in the 70’s, the love of water and all things related inspires me. I still own a condo in St. Augustine and visit often, especially since two of my children live in the area. Perhaps one day, I’ll return to my roots.

Katie Sizemore

Katie Sizemore is a St. Augustine artist that works in mostly abstract multi media. While relatively new to the art scene in the area she has already been recognized for her work.

Students from the School of the Arts

The following works are from various artists from the School of the Arts ( in Palatka Florida. The gallery donates the wall to these fledgling professional artist to help pay for their living expenses and school. You will need to arrange to make payment with them but it is worth it to support these students and the wonderful work they are doing.

Print on Canvas

These are prints of original paintings that are on canvas.